Webcam project unsuprisingly ineffective


Texas governor Rick Perry awarded a $2 million federal grant to the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition to set up a series of webcams that can be monitored by the public…enjoy.  The El Paso Times has done a bit of digging and found their progress for the first 6 months of the program:

Border cameras by the numbers:
Total one-year grant: $2 million
Amount spent in first six months $625,000
Number of hits on the border camera Web site,, Nov. 19-Dec. 17: 1,894,288
Number of cameras installed:
1-year objective: 200
6-month actual results: 13
Number of arrests:
1-year objective: 1,200
6-month actual results: 3
Number of drug seizures:
1-year objective: 500
6-month actual results: 1
Dollar amount of funds forfeited:
1-year objective: $25,000
6-month actual results: 0
Number of incidents reported to law enforcement:
1-year objective: 50,000
6-month actual results: 8
Number of referrals to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
1-year objective: 4,500
6-month actual results: 6
Source: Six-month progress report by the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition obtained under Texas Public Information Act.

Maybe someone should have told them that $2 million could’ve bought them a couple thousand feet of border fence..

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